Sunday, May 10, 2015


Two weeks ago I adopted Scout. Angie called him a gentle giant and I can see why - he is a big boy but he is so sweet and affectionate. When I took him to the vet for his one week exam he charmed everyone he came into contact with. They gave him treats and he got to sit on the window ledge watching birds on the feeder - I've had cats my entire life and I've never had one actually enjoy going to the vet!

I think I know how he got the name Scout... He's always scouting out something! He's so darn cute I can't get mad at him when he goes places he shouldn't - he looks at me with those big eyes and that sweet face and I just melt!

A big thank you to everyone at Magnificent Mutts Rescue for helping me find my new owner! I love him so much I think my heart will explode!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hi Michelle,

Here's an update on your past foster dog, now named Nash, in case you're interested.

Nash is doing great! He goes to doggy day care and runs around with other dogs all day 2 times per week. Besides that, we go on walks where he must meet every person and dog he sees, go to the dog park and he has doggy play dates with the neighbor's dogs. He is great with every dog and person he meets and has adjusted very well to what I like to affectionately call the dog circus, as I am a dog sitter and have other dogs stay with us all the time. We are so thankful to your family for fostering him. And grateful Mag Mutts rescued him and brought him into our lives.
Right now we have a foster dog living with us and Nash is a great role model for his foster brother who has some confidence issues.
Here are some recent pictures, feel free to share with the rescue.


Carley and Tina

Monday, March 16, 2015

Care Bear

We adopted Care Bear 3/7/15. She is adjusting quite well. A lot of my friends are intrigued by her story. Care Bear came from Beruit Lebanon. She is very sensitive to all sounds. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. After four nights she is finally sleeping through the night. Care Bear goes on walks twice a day to decrease her anxiety level. Yesterday I caught her watching another dog on TV and she was just so interested (see picture below ).

Care Bear is getting a lot of attention from Gina the 6 year old black lab and from her new kids Kylie and Payton. Thank you Magnificent Mutts for bringing Care Bear to our family.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bringing Two Brothers Home

Flipping through the pictures on Petfinders one day in February 2014 in hopes of finding a new pup for my grandson, I came across a picture of two Beautiful Dogs, Furby and Furman, brought to the US in hopes of finding them a forever home. You see these Boys had been rescued as pups in about 2007. As their chances of getting adopted were slim due to their age and let alone being adopted together chances were next to none. I read their story and just knew I had to meet them. I had to know if I could connect with these two special boys a long way from home. There was an adoption event that Saturday so I called to see if the Boys would be there. Both were being fostered separately and it was the goal of Magnificent Mutts to get the two back together. Long story short, these two wonder boys adopted me that day.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sweden aka Silver

Hi Courtenay.
Suffice it to say things worked out. Sweden is so sweet and has been perfect so far except for climbing into the front seat of the car! She slept thru the night but did wake me up a 3:30 to make a tinkle which was great.

If her puppies are as sweet and gentle as she is they will make great additions to any family.
And yes, Sweden made herself right at home in my bed.

Many thanks.
Robbin and Sweden

Sweden aka Silver

Hi Courtenay.
Suffice it to say things worked out. Sweden is so sweet and has been perfect so far except for climbing into the front seat of the car! She slept thru the night but did wake me up a 3:30 to make a tinkle which was great.

If her puppies are as sweet and gentle as she is they will make great additions to any family.
And yes, Sweden made herself right at home in my bed.

Many thanks.
Robbin and Sweden

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Macy aka Sereena

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! You guys are amazing! I also wanted to send a few photos of Macy (aka Sereena). She's adjusting nicely and had only had a couple of accidents! We think she's brilliant!
Jessica K.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Frit and Frat

hi michelle,
just wanted to give you a quick pic and an update! the puppies are doing GREAT! they have recovered from their spay and Winkie (yes- the kids settled on Winkie for our sweet one eyed dog!) had her eye closed. they are great with the kids and fitting in just fine! I hope all is well with you and your house full!
xoxo Sarah

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Monday, February 2, 2015


He's so terrific! Spoiled rotten but a very good boy. He's the head of the household and bosses around the 2 Shar Pei, but they just shrug him off- all 7 lbs of him :)
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Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde were the brother sister pups from down south. We saw Bonnie Clyde at a local adopt event and set our hearts on adopting Clyde, even though we thought Bonnie was just as adorable. The day we went to pick up Clyde, he was accompanied by his sister Bonnie, which was difficult for us to witness because as we finished the adoption proceeding and began taking Clyde they both began to whimper. Deep down we knew that they knew they were being separated. We felt terrible and I cried to see them like that. After one day of contemplation, we decided we couldn't separate the two and within 2 days we were back to pick up Bonnie. Now Bonnie & Clyde are reunited and couldn't be happier. Everyday that passes and seeing them so happy together, we know we did the right thing in keeping these partners in crime together forever :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Michelle!

Eeyore just got his last round of vaccinations today and is a whopping 25 pounds already! He's growing fast!

Training is going well. He will come when he's called and sit pretty consistently. He'll stay when you're holding food or a treat. Housebreaking is pretty good too! He runs to the door when he's gotta go.

Balki and Eeyore seem very happy. They play all the time and Balki keeps an eye on Eeyore, especially in the yard. Keeps him out of plants and stuff.

I've attached some pictures of the two dogs and some of eeyore's favorite napping spots!

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Saver

Bellamia saves my life everyday by reminding me to get to the beach, everyday, exercise more, smile more and be grateful for all life has to offer. I don't know much about her past but she was someone's pride and joy. I hope they can feel she is in a great home surrounded by folks who could not imagine their life with out her! Thank you Wayne and Magnificent Mutts. You have successfully made another perfect match.

Sunday, January 11, 2015



We came to your house on January 8th, 2005 and adopted our furkid, then named Action Jackson. He got in a scuffle with one of the other dogs outside and he had been shaved down due to matted fur. He'd been at Chicago Animal Care and Control and no owner came for him so you took him and got him neutered and we came to visit the next day. We renamed him Andrew Jackson King and he goes by Andy. This is our beautiful boy. Thanks so much for all you do to give people years of happiness with rescued pets!

This is what he looked like when we adopted him (first picture) This is our Andy now. (second & third) He is beautiful inside and out. We live in Charlotte, NC now with our three adopted children!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Happy New Year To All The Wonderful Staff At Magnificent Mutts!!!

Hi, I was just writing you to give you an update on Rosie. My Then Fiance Now Husband and I adopted Rosie back in October, 2014. Since then she has been a great blessing to our family, and has brought much joy into out lives. Rosie, is everything you could ever want. And in such a small package, she has so much energy, love, spunk, and a special place in our hearts and home. I'm attaching some pictures of how big she's gotten. Hopefully you can forward them to her foster mom. Rosie, loves dressing up in her cute little outfits, and playing with all her toys. (By herself), very stingy little rascal lol...😊 I just want to thank everyone at Magnificent Mutts for all the hard work that you do for the animals in getting them homes to good people!!! You guys ROCK!!!
Thank You Again, and periodically I will be sending more updates via Facebook.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Hi Annie,
Hope you're feeling better since we last spoke, the rep provided me with Toni's background and asked me to give an update. I felt she was a little traumatized, so felt it best to just provide, reassure and let her come to me on her own. I renamed her Sprite, she is so beautiful, loving, affectionate and is comfortable enough now to explore her new surroundings. I cared for a disabled son for many years until he was placed in a nursing home, I believe we ae a good fit and love having her here...thank-you.
Happy holidays to you and yours!

P.S. She likes Joel Osteen, music and watching tv (:t